Re: [dxwg] Dataset series (#868)

Thanks @makxdekkers. That would work for me. 

In our case we would likely want to treat each of our resources as an instance of both `dcat:DatasetSeries` and `dcat:Dataset`. That way we could give a distribution (and extent) for the overall aggregate as well as distributions for the individual elements within the series. It would also give us a transition plan - publish resources now as `dcat:Dataset`s (with the `dct:hasPart` and `dct:isPartOf` relationships to other `dcat:Datasets` for the elements) and then add declarations for `rdf:type dcat:DatasetSeries` when/if that becomes available with compatible semantics.

Do you think there's a chance of squeezing a non-normative indication of this as a possible future pattern into the doc? Or at least a comment that use of `dct:hasPart/isPartOf` on datasets is in principle legal? Not sure how close to CR you are so appreciate this might be too late. 

I mention this because implies that you have domain/range declarations for `dct:hasPart` which would mitigate against this pattern. I'm assuming this is just a confusing presentation that what you actually have are `owl:allValuesFrom` restrictions, and so not a problem.

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Received on Monday, 5 August 2019 16:00:31 UTC