Re: [dxwg] foaf:homepage vs. dcat:landingPage

@makxdekkers is correct, the idea in FOAF/RDFWeb was to facilitate (rather than require) "reference by description". If you know for example that there is a company whose name is Apple, whose homepage is, ... that is a pretty strong referring expression. So we made part of the concept of "homepage" the idea that there's a single thing whose homepage it is. It is not a particularly odd or obscure constraint, e.g. see @rvguha's [paper]( on related theoretical issues.

In FOAF we then generalized this pattern to cases where you wouldn't intuitively want to call it a "homepage". The FOAF name for this was [isPrimaryTopicOf]( In, we can used the less verbose "" relationship, but the idea is similar: a relationship between something and a (relatively well known) page primarily about it. Another related relation is which drops the expectation that the page/document is well known. Some notes on these overlaps are at

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