Re: [dxwg] Profiles may be written in or may link to a document or schema in a validation language (ShEx, SHACL, XMLschema). [ID41] (5.41)

OK - fair enough. A `dct:Standard` is not _necessarily_ a `dcat:Resource` - at least it is not until it has been added to a `dcat:Catalog` somewhere ☺ Of course the same applies to a `profdesc:Profile`. So strictly I think we should have something like this

![Cataloguing standards UML]( 

This separates the DCAT concerns (which are about cataloguing) and the Profile concerns (which are about standards). 

Of course it is not necessary to axiomatize the `dcat:Catalogued*` classes directly, just give the catalogued resources both types e.g. 
    rdf:type dcat:Resource ; 
    rdf:type dct:Standard . 
Thinking about how this all relates to ADMS you might go to 
![Cataloguing assets UML]( 
Not sure how much of this we would want to follow through with. 

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