Re: [dxwg] Profiles in relation to Data on the Web Best Practices

@kcoyle I think this is very good a starting point. I have not thought it through yet, though, because I'm contemplating a first basic question before diving in: shouldn't we have two levels of applying the BPs wrt profiles?
The first one, to which I believe a lot of what you have written belongs to, is applying BPs to the design/publication of profiles. I think this is good as 'design principles' for motivating the decisions we make - and reinforce the requirements we have identified.
The second level is the one that would motivate profiles in terms of them being an answer to implement some BPs. For example I would consider that the publication of data according to different profiles implements a generalized version of BP14 (Provide data in multiple formats). I.e. BP 14 could be read as recommending to publish not only different serializations of the data, but also different 'flavours' of it, which can save data consumers a lot of time and errors, having to map data in different profiles. Profiles can also be read as implementing BP15 at a different level too: they allow for expressing diverse data, while keeping the common bits expressed using the same vocabularies. I think you've covered some of that too.
The second level could be a key part of the intro, in fact maybe earlier than the first level, which goes intro introducing the design of our solutions/recommendations.

But I'll stop here: do you think it's a possible way to look at things, or should I just abstain and focus on what you've written, whatever level it may belong?

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