Re: [dxwg] Improve and consider moving definitions

@kcoyle ok we shall try to retain a linking, then!

I understand that definitions at first look good, especially in other specs. In the case of our definitions (at least the ones we have now) we could just keep the profile one in the intro. 
My point in #242 is that the others (formalism, standard, specification) are going to require a lot of time to discuss. 
Besides, they will look controversial anyway and be a not so crucial distraction to the reader - as putting definitions first usually hints that the reader should accept them, which is not so crucial for our own doc I believe. I mean, I believe that the document can be read by people who will have their own interpretation of 'specification', not the Oxford Dictionary one. One can read the main 'profile' definition and make it work with a handful of different definitions for the notions in that (specification, standard...) And in fact I do want this: we should be readable to a a broad audience, and not lose readers because of details like what is a specification and what is not.

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