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== Defining validation ==
The profile guidance document will include some statements about the validation of profiles. Digging into this deeper, it is going to be necessary to say what we mean by validation.

A set of validation rules can themselves represent a view, and thus a profile. Validation can be limited to a few "necessary" rules, or it can be strict and validate every constraint expressed in the profile. 

There is also the question of whether validation of RDF instance data performs any inferencing as part of the validation. 

And the big question is whether validation of a profile makes use of any constraints from the base vocabulary that the profile is based on.

The questions I see are:
1. Do we have guidance to give on the types of validation that can be performed?
2. Is there a need to restrict the guidance to certain validation actions, leaving the rest outside of our scope?
3. Assuming we make decisions, how should those be reflected in the profileDesc vocabulary?

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