Re: [dxwg] Profile and Application Profile

This is a very good point.
I wouldn't mind adding back 'application'. But I would prefer to do it at the very end, when we're sure that adding it wouldn't mess with the understandability of what we're trying to do (and in the light of all our requirements).
I feel indeed there's always an ambiguity that can be harmful about the meaning of 'application' in 'application profile'. I.e. between profiles that:
1. are designed for a specific application/system
2. just "apply" something else (a standard etc). 
In the second sense, a profile is a refinement/specialization, but it could still be a bit more abstract than an artefact made for a single system. I.e. it could be judged relevant for an entire community or domain, and the further specialization for a specific system could happen in a profile of the profile...

I would prefer to see the near-final stage of our document so that we're sure that our choice of terminology does not close too much the door to sense #2, if our document have an approach for profile that include #2.

I hope I'm making sense here!

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Received on Sunday, 7 October 2018 21:47:24 UTC