RE: ODRL community group - and profiles

On Tuesday, June 26, 2018 9:51 PM, Antoine Isaac [] wrote:

> Thanks for the discussion. Yes it would be good to follow what they do. We may not
> need a formal liaison. I have a couple of things to work on with the ODRL group so I
> can follow things for a short time, and shout when I can't do it anymore. But if anyone
> else wants to follow their activity too, I would say it's perfectly fine!

How often does the group meet and when?

> And the idea to note example profiles is very good. This will especially help us to
> confront our guidance with what is been done in the field.


> Note that ODRL is not one profile, its vision is to allow as many profileS as needed. In
> fact I may have one for them some day, with the work at It
> would be however quite a minimal reuse of their own framework, which brings a
> question on whether there's a lower limit of re-use for one standard, beyond which
> one cannot name it a profile anymore ;-)




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