Re: [dxwg] Profile Composition and Languages

Rob A:
> "full" and "simplified" seem to be more distinct frame based profiles of a common profile that determines meaning (yet another example of an hierarchy)

Yes, a semantic/data model profile and a materialization profile. I would go one level deeper to say there's a conceptual profile behind the data model, which is then mapped to various ontological models. And perhaps one level further out as well for strict API concerns.

Conceptual: The human understanding of the world, without any RDF notions at all
Semantic: The mapping of the human understanding to a set of RDF terms
Materialization: The set of terms from the semantic profile that appear in a particular materialization of it, regardless of format, including the potential for simplifications within the same semantic set of constructs.
API: The serialization rules to apply to get to a document that can be carried over a protocol between server and client.


* Conceptual profile:  There is such a thing as a term, that is a human language name for a concept.
* Semantic profile: (a) The term is a skosxl:Label (b) the term is a crm:LinguisticObject
* Materialization profile: (simple, a) The value of the skosxl:Label MUST actually appear as skos:prefLabel (b) the value MUST appear as the `rdf:value` of the linguistic object
* API profile: (a) the `skos:prefLabel` has the JSON-LD term `prefLabel` and the value is an array of strings (b) the `rdf:value` has the JSON-LD term `value` and the value is a single string

Then there are the ontologies that the Semantic Profile also uses... (a) uses SKOS and SKOSXL, (b) uses CIDOC-CRM, RDF, RDFS, and I think in schemaDesc these are BaseSpecifications, as distinct from Profiles (but the name could be improved, IMO)

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