Re: [dxwg] Profile negotiation [RPFN]

A concrete use case that we have at the Getty today, that might help some of the commenters or at least provide an avenue for further clarifications:

The Getty Vocabularies are available as [Linked Open Data]( We currently provide exactly one schema which is a large super-set of SKOS. This schema is appropriate if you want to know absolutely every last thing that we know about the thesaurus terms. This is true for almost no one, it turns out ;)

We also manage data in the institution using a profile of CIDOC-CRM, with which SKOS is not very well-aligned natively but is trivially mappable. For consistency with these other holdings, we would like to make the vocabularies available _at the same URIs_ using this profile. This demonstrates two points:
* The media type is orthogonal to the profile, as you could ask for the full mega-skos profile in turtle, json-ld or rdf/xml, and the CRM profile in any of those formats too.
* The URI is critically important to be the same for vocabulary entries, as a different URI would mean a different concept.

We also intend to have a pure SKOS profile for consumers that don't care about everything, but do need SKOS. Again, the format and profile are orthogonal in the same way, and the URI being the same is critical.

Please compare:
*  (alpha at current date for feedback, please don't use for anything!)

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