RE: Meeting details for the CNEG subgroup meeting on Wednesday, June 20

On Wednesday, June 20, 2018 2:26 AM, Rob Atkinson [] wrote:

> as you are key to this perhaps you can suggest a better time zone (I'm really only
> tracking to help keep the metadata requirements compatible with the DCAT direction
> and Linked Data requirements). I could engage via email and github, but I think Nick is
> also keen to engage - so we do need to cater for UTC+10 still though.

Given that Rob Sanderson has expressed an interest in the conneg work and that I _think_ he's based in the US (is that correct, Rob?), I fear that we're back at a time similar to the one for the plenary meetings (i. e. 20:00 UTC).



> Rob
> On Wed, 20 Jun 2018 at 08:25 Ruben Verborgh <>
> wrote:
> Regrets from me for this week;
> the meeting hour is incompatible with my current timezone.
> Ruben

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