Content Negotiation subgroup meetings (RE: Introduction - Rob Sanderson, J Paul Getty TrustI

Hi Rob and welcome to the group!

The conneg subgroup is having bi-weekly meetings  on Wednesdays at 08:00 UTC, the next one starting in about three hours from now. I realise that this might be an awkward time for you and we're looking at other possibilities. 

I've forwarded a calendar invitation to you that contains the link to the WebEx meeting. Agenda for today's meeting is at [1].




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> Subject: Introduction - Rob Sanderson, J Paul Getty Trust
> Dear all,
> A brief introduction, as I join the group late in the process.
> I'm Rob Sanderson, Semantic Architect for the J Paul Getty Trust in Los Angeles. I was
> co-chair for the Web Annotation WG, and am co-chair for the just launching JSON-LD
> 1.1 WG. My other standards work includes IIIF across the cultural heritage domain, and
> an application profile of the CIDOC-CRM ontology (called [1]) specifically for
> art museum datasets.
> My interest is primarily in the content negotiation by application profile topic, and thus
> relatedly the second topic around publishing application profiles. One explicit point of
> interaction between DX and JSON-LD would be how to manage both the JSON-LD
> media type registration having a profile parameter, and Ruben's proposed Accept-
> Schema approach.
> Many thanks,
> Rob
> [1]  go figure ;)
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> Rob Sanderson
> Semantic Architect
> The Getty Trust
> Los Angeles, CA 90049

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