Re: [dxwg] Profile negotiation [RPFN]

Yes, my serialization is your media type.

"It might or might not have its own identifier " - if there is no identifier, how will it be accessed/transmitted? 

It's fine to have a "work" identifier (although again I caution that one needs to think very hard about what that identifier identifies), but any resource on the web has an identifier for the resource, not just the work. This is why I recommend that this work vs. actual thing be thought through carefully, and the relationship between those be clear. I don't know DCAT terribly well but this seems to be a difference between dataset and distribution. Obviously, the response to content negotiation is some form of distribution (in DCAT terms). In the FRBR sense, the work is an abstract concept with no physical/digital presence, and it is only when it is manifested (distributed) is there a non-abstract thing. So as long as the URI for the dataset refers to an abstraction, that makes sense, but I'm not clear on what the non-abstraction consists of.

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