Re: [dxwg] Profile negotiation [RPFN]

> I understand that the motivation for profile negotiation is that some users want to be able to use the same URL for versions of a dataset that conform to different profiles.

No, the motivation is to have the same resource available in different profiles.
And resources on the Web happen to be identified by URLs.

Note that each representation still _can_ have its own URL. We will just provide the mechanism to get from resource to representation.

> Can anyone explain why some users want that?

- to get from a resource to its representations
- to see what other representations a resource has

> It does work to model the versions as representations of a resource, but it would also work to model them as separate resources (as in Ruben's suggestion above).

Both models are the exact same, really.

To understand this, it's important to see that the "representation" concept is a relative notion. E.g., in the sentence "A is a representation of B", B the resource that A  is the representation of. However, A is a resource in its own right.

An example to clarify:

- is the weather report for Amsterdam for 1 June
- is the weather report for Amsterdam for 1 June in HTML

The latter is a representation of the former. Both are resources (regardless of whether the latter has its own URL or not).

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