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OK folk, I broke down and did one manually to illustrate what I was hoping could be done automatically. corresponds to

I copied the link to the UCR document into the issue.
I gave it the following labels

(i)                  [requirement]

(ii)                [dcat] according to the deliverable-related tag inherited from Use Case that generated the requirement

Putting it in a standard issue-tracker allows us to follow the progress of satisfying this requirement, or re-classifying it by changing the labels (tags) if necessary.
I just used the text from the UCR document directly, which includes the sub-heading number (6.1.1 in this case) which may be non-persistent if the UCR document is revised. On the other hand, the code [RDID] is also visible, which I think was intended to be a persistent identifier.

This issue is now found by a standard query for

-          Issues tagged [dcat]


-          Issues tagged [dcat] and [requirement]


I also see that Jaro has done a lot of clever Javascripting to get similar selection functions into the UCR document itself but I suggest that if we can use a generic tool (GitHub) which also does the dynamic record-keeping, then maybe we can reduce the need for bespoke scripting moving forward.


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