Defining Profiles


I'm beginning to wonder, after reading and answering comments on our
profiles discussion page, that it may be clearer to separate the two
deliverables, Profiles Guidance & Content Negotiation, until we have
clarified them independently. My feeling is that we are using the term
"profile" in different ways for the two deliverables, and that is
causing confusion.

Our timeline (and perhaps simple logic) requires the Guidance
deliverable to precede the Content Negotiation deliverable. If we can
reach agreement on this in principle, and work to develop a definitional
and perhaps also functional basis for the Guidance deliverable, we can
then determine how that fits with the Content Negotiation deliverable,
and if they can share the definition of "profile" or if adjustment needs
to be made.

Note that it is instructive to look at the requirements for profiles in
the UCR.

Let me know if you think this makes sense as a workflow.
Karen Coyle
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Received on Tuesday, 9 January 2018 17:59:39 UTC