RE: Profile definitions / DCAT update

> 1) Hopefully the DCAT 1.1 work can begin with a review of the requirements.


Currently it appears that the UCs are tagged by deliverable, which kinda flows through to the Requirements, but ends up tagging some Reqs inappropriately, and maybe missing others. I just sat down to look through the Reqs to assemble the list that you suggest Karen, but I'm frankly bewildered about which artefact to work with. I think we agreed that we would try to work through GitHub as much as possible. So perhaps we should create a GitHub issue for each requirement, and tag it 'requirement' as well as add tag(s) for the deliverable(s)?. Then we can more easily sort and list? 


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Subject: Profile definitions / DCAT update

As we all come out of our holiday haze, it is time to get ready for some important work on DCAT 1.1 and application profiles. Here are two suggestions of mine for immediate activity - please add any others that you can think of, and we can discuss at our meeting on January 9.

1) Hopefully the DCAT 1.1 work can begin with a review of the requirements. As a "list" person, I'd probably want to create a list of potential additions to DCAT and prioritize them in a way that helps the editors make progress (e.g. easy/obvious, good but harder to define, may not make it). Please do what *you* think will jump start that work.

2) Before work can get underway on the application profiles deliverable, we need to define what we mean by profiles and application profiles.
Ruben and I have made a start of a discussion [1] but we need more voices. You don't have to provide your own definitions if you don't want, but at least make comments.

Thanks, and we'll post an agenda in the next day or two.


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