Profile requirements added for f2f3

I added to github what I think is the full set of profile requirements
that need to be discussed at f2f3. You can find them with the label


At f2f2 we stumbled as we tried to go over the requirements for profile
definitions and we deferred making decisions on the profiles listed
under section 6.8.1 of the UCR.[1] The reason for deferring these was
that we were unclear on the scope of the deliverable listed as "Guidance
for Application Profiles". [2] The 6.8.1 requirements are listed in the
spreadsheet under 6.1. [3]

The upcoming f2f is to help us clarify what we mean by "profile" and
what we will take on as "profile guidance" as a deliverable. (The
charter's definition is quite brief [4].) The suggestion of the
co-chairs is that we use the first part of the meeting to achieve
consensus on our thoughts about profiles and what that means in terms of
the deliverable, after which we can review the profile requirements that
have not yet been approved and make decisions on those.

Looking at these requirements today you can see that there were a
variety of definitions in play, and they are not necessarily compatible.
This discussion may result in a modification of use cases as well as our
list of requirements. Ideally we will come out of the meeting with an
understanding of the Guidance deliverable that we can complete within
the working group's time frame, and at least the beginnings of a
subgroup of editors who can work on the deliverable.

The co-chairs

[2], look at the
section after "RESOLVED: accept 6.37..."
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