Re: [dxwg] Allow license property to link to other than LicenseDocument

On 4/18/18 3:31 PM, Andrea Perego via GitHub wrote:
> Thanks for the example, @nicholascar .
> As requested during [today's call of the DCAT
> subgroup](, I
> include a pointer to the [Open Data Rights Statement (ODRS)
> vocabulary]( designed by @ldodds , which
> could be relevant to this discussion.
> Consider the following (quite common) scenario:
>> I have two resources, both using CC-BY, but with different attribution
>> and copyright notices. Attribution and copyright notice are clearly
>> not part of the licence (CC-BY). So, where can I specify this
>> information, and how can I link it to the relevant resource and its
>> licence?

CC has a rights language that includes creator, title, along with a link
to the CC license. This can be generated using the "select a license" on
the CC site. I assume that nothing in DCAT will prevent someone from
linking to a CC license using its REL.

I have some CC licenses on documents on my own site, but they are very
old and may have been superseded. If you use the selector on the CC site
you'll see what gets generated. Like, it is intended to be
embedded in HTML - not sure if anyone is using it in any other way, or
if it is used much at all.


> The ODRS approach is to attach attribution and copyright notice to a
> `dct:RightsStatement` (by using _ad hoc_ properties), and then link the
> `dct:RightsStatement` to both the resource and the licence - which are
> also directly linked via `dct:license`. The [diagram included in the
> ODRS specification]( gives a clear
> picture of this pattern.
> Note that ODRS addresses also other requirements - e.g., rights
> jurisdiction, being able to specify licence compatibility, having
> different licences/rights for a database and its content (about this,
> see the notion of [_sui generis_ database
> rights]( More
> details are provided in the documentation accompanying ODRS:
> - the [use
> cases](
> behind its design
> - the [publishers'
> guide](
> - the [re-users'
> guide](

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