scope of profile (negotiation) group

Hi everyone (esp Karen, Peter, Lars, Rob and Ruben)

I'm considering trying to be more involved in the profile work, but I am not sure where I can fit in - and what are the responsibilities and scopes.

It starts from the discussion we had yesterday on PR198:
Apparently there is now a wiki page that says who would approve/merge it:
There Lars, Rob and Ruben are indeed assigned to the object of PR198
But this ontology by Rob and Nick is not really about content negotiation - it's more about describing what is negotiated.

On the other hand, the wiki page does not list Lars, Rob and Ruben as responsible of a document that shows them as editors:
Actually I'm not sure what is the scope of this document: the title seems to hint that there is more than negotiation into it, while the content is still quite focused on negotiation, as Karen remarked in this issue:

As noted in issue 196, I've tried to look through all our past minutes about organizing this work, and it's still not clear whether we want to have one deliverable on both negotiation and guidance, or two deliverables, and whether we should progress on both at the same time. And whether Lars, Rob and Ruben need help for what they are (perhaps informally) tasked to do!

Hopefully the F2F (or perhaps even an earlier call?) will shed some light on all this.



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