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Re: Editorial changes to requirements TOC / Ask for comments

From: Jaroslav Pullmann <jaroslav.pullmann@fit.fraunhofer.de>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2017 11:22:52 +0100
To: public-dxwg-wg@w3.org, Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran <alejandra.gonzalezbeltran@oerc.ox.ac.uk>
Message-ID: <78a02295-ba8e-8f18-cf6c-913e5ec37f9a@fit.fraunhofer.de>

   Dear Alejandra, dear all

> In terms of the grouping, I think it would make sense to have a separate group "Identification" including the three first requirements currently under "Federation and citation". I am unsure if "Federation" covers the other ones in that category, but maybe "Citation" could be a separate group (even if related to Identification too).

    there is a new section on "Identification", as your suggested. Looking at the distribution reqs I felt it would make
  sense to have a separate group on "Distribution" which is a fairly important topic. The groups are now ordered according
  to following story line: 1) Identify a particular 2) Version looking at the high-level 3) Qualitative information and
  4) Formal description and the 5) Distribution options. See what 6) Relationships do the DCAT resources have and how are
  they 7) Federated and cited. The more general aspects of 8) Profiles, 9) Alignment and 10) Meta-level follow:


> The requirements on Data Access (https://rawgit.com/jpullmann/dxwg/gh-pages/ucr/index.html#RID19) are referring only to access restrictions, so it seems to me that we are missing a requirement on the access description in general, in addition to those restrictions that may exist?

the 2 original requirements became part of "Dataset access" [RDSA]. If you are suggesting the creation of a new one, please provide me with a hint on its content.

> Looking at the referenced use case (https://rawgit.com/jpullmann/dxwg/gh-pages/ucr/index.html#ID17), it does refer to access restrictions but I remember including there a link to the description of dataset access within the bioCADDIE project (https://rawgit.com/jpullmann/dxwg/gh-pages/ucr/index.html#ID17). 

correct, the link within UC ID17 refer to the bioCADDIE Working Group 7: "Accessibility Metadata for Datasets".
Are you suggesting to link to group's Final Report on "Access Metadata draft"?

There is another use case on distributions (https://rawgit.com/jpullmann/dxwg/gh-pages/ucr/index.html#ID34) that refers to other types of access.

this UC looks at relationships between Distributions of a Dataset, access issues are thus implied via Distributions.
Should [RDSA] be reworded to only refer to Distributions (since Datasets are an abstraction)?

> Also, I think it might be useful to list the contributors at the top of the document (currently the document only lists use cases contributors in each use case).

  yes, definitely. I've created a preliminary contributors section here (ReSpec does not seem to support contributors listing ;o(


  Please let me know of errors/colleagues missing!

  Best regards

> On 29/11/2017 19:52, Rob Atkinson wrote:
>> +1
>> On Thu, 30 Nov 2017 at 04:34 Karen Coyle <kcoyle@kcoyle.net <mailto:kcoyle@kcoyle.net>> wrote:
>>     Jaro - I think this looks good. All requirements are in a group undering
>>     a heading. We could probably discuss the placement of some of the
>>     requirements (I didn't look at it closely for that aspect) but the
>>     important thing is that it is now fairly easy to scan the list of
>>     requirements.
>>     Thanks for doing this.
>>     kc
>>     On 11/29/17 5:32 AM, Jaroslav Pullmann wrote:
>>     >
>>     >  Dear colleagues,
>>     >
>>     >   please have a look at the updated requirements TOC here:
>>     >
>>     >
>>     > https://rawgit.com/jpullmann/dxwg/gh-pages/ucr/index.html#Requirements
>>     >
>>     >   compared to:
>>     >
>>     > https://rawgit.com/w3c/dxwg/gh-pages/ucr/index.html#Requirements
>>     >
>>     >   I re-arranged few of the requirements to make the groups more consistent.
>>     >  Further I shortened some labels in a nominal style and added persistent
>>     > IDs
>>     >  for requirements (at moment only visually) to make them independent of
>>     > ordering.
>>     >
>>     >   Let me know whether this is acceptable, I'd then apply the changes to
>>     > DXWG UCR document.
>>     >  I'll try to process any feedback received till the handover on Monday,
>>     > 4th.
>>     >
>>     >   Many thanks
>>     >  Jaro
>>     >
>>     >
>>     >
>>     --
>>     Karen Coyle
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