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In my mind, the conneg bit that's needed is about adding the ability to 
negotiate not the profile itself but the distribution (of a dataset) 
that supports a preferred profile. So, if I work in a community that 
tends to release data conforming to a profile called astrodcat, and 
other people use one called fitsprof, I can build my data harvester to 
negotiate for distributions that conform to astrodcat rather than 
fitsprof. People who publish astro data could make both astrodcat and 
fitsprof distributions of the data available.

Content negotiation already has the capability to handle the case of 
requesting a copy of astrodcat itself as astrodcat.rdf vs astrodcat.xml 
vs astrodcat.json.


On 12/6/17 10:45 AM, wrote:
> Karen,
>> Not all access to APs will be through content negotiation, AFAIK, so we have to consider
>> other access avenues, such as a document at is located on a web site, profiles in wikis, etc.
> The expressions of the profile might be at
> So it would be possible to access them without content negotiation. But I guess, we need to consider content negotiation because our deliverable is called "Content Negotiation by Application Profile"
>> If there is a "concept" AP it needs to be something that can be represented,
>> thus is not entirely abstract.
> In my mind, it *is* "abstract" in the same sense that FRBR Work is an abstract entity.
> Makx.

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