Re: DQV, DAQ and Data Cube graphs

Hi Jeremy, Riccardo,

>> Proposal 4:   define  in DQV the new class dqv:QualityDataset which
replaces daq:QualityGraph,   is defined as   subclass of qb:DataSet, but it
is not a subclass of RDFg:Graph.
> but making dqv:QualityDataset a subclass of qb:DataSet using the cube
data structure definition defined in daQ (daq:dsd).
> If what I’m saying is correct, then I think it will make daQ and DQV
compatible with each other. What do you think?

Sounds good to me! That way we will define the quality data as a Cube
dataset which has its own dsd and can be split among any number of graphs
at the discretion of the users.


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