Re: Spatial Data/Data on the Web BP relationship

Hi Phil,

I like the idea of having new proposals from the SDW. Considering that we
are both working on BP, I think it is important that we try to work
together to avoid possible inconsistencies and "reworking".


2015-08-19 11:52 GMT-03:00 Phil Archer <>:

> With northern hemisphere holiday season at a peak, a few of us gathered on
> WebEx for today's SDW call. Not enough for a quorum but enough to have a
> useful discussion. A topic in the Spatial Data WG at the moment, and the
> basis of a series of actions, is to look at the work of the DWBP and see
> how best to leverage that work.
> The expectation/hope is that the general data on the Web advice can be
> referenced and extended by SDW to say how to implement the original advice
> in the context of spatial data. So far, the evidence suggests that this can
> indeed be done.
> For example, the section in the DWBP doc on metadata applies to spatial
> data, but SDW would want to add more info about how to include spatial
> aspects. Things like the DCAT-GeoAP are relevant of course.
> So far so good, but there are two scenarios that we need to think about.
> The more likely one first: that SDW identifies a best practice that in its
> view is important but that has general applicability to data on the Web and
> not just spatial data. It would be unhelpful to both WGs if either were
> dependent on the other for progress, so each should remain independent.
> However, one possible way forward would be:
> 1. That DWBP reviews proposals from SDW - the more detailed the better -
> and incorporates it as a BP in its document.
> 2. Irrespective of the outcome of that, SDW will write its own BP from a
> spatial perspective - it's just easier of there's something at DWBP to
> refer to.
> The less likely scenario is that the two WGs will produce advice that is
> inconsistent with each other's. I doubt this will happen but we need to be
> aware of the danger and make sure it doesn't happen.
> One upshot of the discussion is my action-68 - to invite Hadley to SDW's
> meeting at TPAC, perhaps at a social time, to make sure the WGs are aligned.
> Cheers
> Phil.
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