Re: Use machine-readable standardized data formats / Use non-proprietary data formats

hello annette.

On 2015-08-14 10:52, Annette Greiner wrote:
> Also, to disambiguate a little, when I say graph data, I don't mean "data shown in a graph". I mean data representing a mathematical graph, as in genome assembly data, or network connection data, a connection matrix.

any data that goes beyond a single value is a graph or at least can be 
modeled as such, right? just ask the RDF folks. given that, how would 
you clearly distinguish between data that "really is" a graph and data 
that just "is modeled" as one?

i understand the desire to draw simple and rigid lines, but i am fairly 
certain that you will run into the same "structure is in the eye of the 
beholder" issue that everybody else does. but i'll simply sit back now 
and see whether there will be some strict partition of "digital stuff" 
into "data" and "non-data" that everybody can live with.



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