Metadata Application Profiles and Metaprofiles

Hi DPV-CG Members,
I work with metadata interoperability and creating metadata application profiles as a means of interoperable social informatics datasets. I am working with Metadata Application Profiles for a while [1] [2] [3]. Even though application profiles are not a new concept [5], So far, we have models from DublinCore application profiles[6] to ongoing development of DublineCore Tabular Application Profiles (DCTAP)[7]  and the PROF[8] vocabulary to link profile to the datasets semantically. So we believe that there will be more efforts in developing actionable application profile formats as a means of interoperability in the future and extend the basic profiles to cover much more aspects of data than just the metadata elements.
My current research focus is on bringing in privacy declaration within metadata application profiles and ensuring privacy-oriented data interoperability. I learned a lot from following up with the development of DPV and the fruitful discussions. Understanding the development of a dedicated privacy vocabulary like DPV was much beneficial in forming some key concepts in my research. As a result, in our work in progress data profiling mechanism - MetaProfiles [4]- we adapt and promote DPV as the recommended privacy vocabulary. In the coming months, we hope to produce more use-cases and examples based on DPV in MetaProfile.
Metaprofiles is not intended to reinvent the wheel or propose new standards, but we recommend various existing standards and combine them with a lightweight ontology to form a complete data interoperability profile. Metaprofiles mainly proposes DPV with ODRL for privacy and rights declaration. The notion of MetaProfiles is to make an actionable FAIR-ELSI model.
I look forwards to following up on the discussions in the DPV community and understand various use-cases.
Thanks again,
Nishad Thalhath,
Doctoral Candidate
University of Tsukuba, Japan

Received on Thursday, 7 January 2021 09:10:59 UTC