Re: A notation for expressing frequency of data collection

Hello. Thanks for bringing this up.

Proposal: can this be represented using a "hasFrequency" property?

Considering that this is intended to represent how 'often' the 
processing takes place (collection, storage, processing), it also has 
application for how often the tech-org measures take place (deletion, 

I think both can be represented using the frequency property, with some 
value as a temporal period or annotation.

This also fits nicely with provenance terms, where it correlates to the 
duration of activity i.e. [ end time - start time ].

On 05/01/2021 10:49, Railean, Alexander wrote:
> On the time-related front, the vocabulary provides a notation for the 
> duration of the retention period. However, I believe there is another 
> dimension that has to be captured - how often the data are sent.

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