W3C Purpose Specification - Purpose Context field proposal

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There is a question about the purpose of the purpose description, which his to inform the individual of what the purpose of processing is.   But, it is also so a person can managed their privacy according to purpose, and to check and see if the purpose is what is expected.  

In this regard,  there is the asserted purpose, (which is being discussed now)  or is it the observed purpose. One is  describing a purpose, the other is recording, managing and analyzing the purpose.  For this secondary category,  I would like to propose a term called  the 'purpose context'.   

The 'purpose context' can include; 	 brand name, service name, purpose category, or a self-defined description of the purpose, which may or may not correspond to purpose specified, but to a personal purpose category for management of consent by purpose. 

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Received on Tuesday, 31 August 2021 12:30:09 UTC