Re: Proposed additions/changes to Purpose taxonomy based on ROPA templates

Hi. Following today's DPV call:


Overview diagram and proposed concepts: accepted (green), proposed 
(blue), and changed (yellow) You 
can use graph.png or diagrams/purpose.png (they're the same). There's 
also a CSV and XLSX file there if needed.

If you'd rather work directly with Google Sheets: 
(sign in not needed, commenting is open)

We'll be resolving the proposed purposes next week SEP-01. If you try to 
identify what concepts are okay and which ones have issues before that, 
it will speed up the process. To comment: directly in Google sheets, or 
reply to this email.

Thanks and Regards,

On 12/08/2021 18:50, Harshvardhan J. Pandit wrote:
> Hello.
> Sharing the working document for reference and comments (see attached).
> Paul and Beatriz (mostly) and myself went through the DPA ROPA templates 
> and other sources (see: to see how 
> we can enrich DPV purpose taxonomy. Result of this is the proposed list 
> of additions and changes. We will be discussing these in the coming 
> meeting calls. Please provide any comments/views you have in reply to 
> this email or on the GitHub issue.
> For other proposed concepts we have already discussed, e.g. legal bases, 
> data transfers, we have a few resolutions, and they will be included in 
> the next iteration alongside the purpose concepts.
> I'm hoping for first week September to have the next iteration 
> published, so whatever is accepted up to the next ~two meeting calls.
> Regards,

Harshvardhan J. Pandit, Ph.D
Research Fellow
ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin

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