Legal semantics inquiry

HI All, 

Harsh asked me on the call yesterday to submit a question I hd to the list.  We were discussing the semantics that are used in the application of a purpose specification - for example consent for genomic medical research, would have a use one, only use at this time etc.  

Harsh and Georg also reported a meeting with GA4GH, and its clear that beyond purpose specification and the vocabulary that there are legal semantics that they combined into a label that defines both the vocabulary and the semantics.  

Is there anyone working on legal semantics ? 

  A key reason I am asking, is that this is a topic in the Trust over IP Decentralised Semantics WG and we will be exploring the data legal relationship between vocabulary, ontology and semantics for digital ledger consent. 

Does anyone on this list have a reference to any existing work ?   And of course is this something that is in scope of discussion at DPV CG ?  

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Received on Thursday, 9 July 2020 02:17:10 UTC