Re: dpvcg-ACTION-125: Advertise at semantics.

SEMANTiCS 2019 had a few CG members attending (myself, Fajar, Sabrina, 
Javier), and we had the opportunity to disseminate DPV (thanks to 
Sabrina for arranging this) via a poster (see attached). The poster was 
seen by attendees, which included both members from academic community 
and industry, and had a good response in terms of interest. There was 
some general feedback regarding its usage and adoption, the actionable 
items of which have been added to the feedback collection spreadsheet.

Largely, people found the vocabulary of interest, and quite a few also 
mentioned they hadn't known about the CG before. The most pressing 
inquiry was regarding use-cases and examples demonstrating how the DPV 
can be used, that would at the same time also demonstrate that it is not 
a single-purpose vocabulary.



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> dpvcg-ACTION-125: Advertise at semantics.
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