Ontologies added to Github

Hello everoyone,
# tldr; version
We (myself and Fajar) have put (OWL2) ontologies based on our 
discussions on Github under the DPVCG organisation umbrella.

# Github
* why github? It's the best choice for version control in terms of 
familiarity, usage, and features in terms of collaboration.
* There is a separate repository for each ontology to allow different 
people to work on each separately - and we can combine these together 
into a common repository at every milestone if need be.
* There are no new additions or changes in the ontologies as compared to 
the wiki.
* The org/project is currently 'owned' by me, and should be transfered 
to, say W3C, when that issue is resolved (currently assigned to @rigo)

Where the classes/concepts came from -
# personal data - added categories from Enterprivacy
# processing - added from GDPR
# legal basis - added from discussion in emails
# purposes - added from last discussion, with categories by Axel, 
Javier, Harsh
# security & storage - empty

Currently, the ontologies are sparse, and not documented - this is 
intentional, and once everyone agrees on going ahead, we can add the 
required documentation and metadata.

To contribute, please provide your github username, and I (or any other 
admin) will add you to the github project.

Discussion for the meeting call tomorrow:
1. Is everyone okay with using Github and the current structure?
2. Should we focus only on providing classes or are we also modelling 
properties and axioms?
3. Who is interested in working on the ontologies?

Harshvardhan J. Pandit
PhD Researcher
ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin

Received on Monday, 11 February 2019 18:34:52 UTC