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> 1.Why the class “language” is subclass of “ethnicity” ? Ethnicity cannot 
> completely decide which language people can speak. They are not 
> necessarily strongly tied together. I suggest that language should a 
> same-level class as the ethnicity.

I agree, language should be independent of ethnicity. I suggest we raise 
this as an issue and work on it.

IMHO, we can adopt the suggested solution to change parent class of 

> 2.For the class ”*Historical*”, it is very interesting which describes 
> "Historical personal data is that which is related to or relevant for 
> history or past events in the context of the person or their life." does 
> it exclude history of medical data ? health history also covers the 
> personal data related to the past medical event. the domain of 
> "historical" intersects with other classes, such as history of medical, 
> financial, and even ownership. Even if we set up historical as the 
> subclass of other classes (actually, it didn’t presented as a subclass 
> of other personal data classes in the V1.0) , e.g. medical health or 
> financial, it makes a duplicate relationship.  So Why not remove it 
> because other classes have subclasses represented history data ?

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For Historical, you are correct in that health history can also be 
considered as Historical data. In that sense, every personal data can be 
turned into historical data e.g. history of browsing - web browser 
history. The suggestion is to select the most appropriate category of 
concept in DPV and use that.

If one wants to express health data as also historial data, they can 
subclass it

e.g. HealthHistory rdfs:subClassOf HealthData, HistoricalData.

If all Health data was expressed as historical data, it would be 
difficult to express concepts such as blood group, which are not 
necessarily historical.
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The intended meaning of Historical, as given in the definition, is about 
events that comprise 'history' of the individual's life. For example, 
going to a restaurant, a group dinner; as well as external events that 
impact life - such as WW-II and 9/11 (from the EnterPrivacy description).

I welcome more discussion on this, especially semantic terminology used 
in the vocabulary.

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