issue or confused found in the RDF/ontology

When I read the DPV V1.0 and try to design a hierarchical ontology for it , I am confused about some classes as below:

1.       Why the class "language" is subclass of "ethnicity" ? Ethnicity cannot completely decide which language people can speak. They are not necessarily strongly tied together. I suggest that language should a same-level class as the ethnicity.

2.       For the class " Historical", it is very interesting which describes "Historical personal data is that which is related to or relevant for history or past events in the context of the person or their life." does it exclude history of medical data ? health history also covers the personal data related to the past medical event. the domain of "historical" intersects with other classes, such as history of medical, financial, and even ownership. Even if we set up historical as the subclass of other classes (actually, it didn't presented as a subclass of other personal data classes in the V1.0) , e.g. medical health or financial, it makes a duplicate relationship.  So Why not remove it because other classes have subclasses represented history data ?

Thanks your patience.

Xiaohu zhou
PhD Researcher
Cyber Security Research Group
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School of Computing and Digital Technology
Birmingham City University
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Received on Thursday, 12 December 2019 16:43:02 UTC