Re: ISSUE-164: Correct default for charging time if unknown in battery (was: [battery] next steps and questions)

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> Yep, that takes care of the inconsistency, which was my major concern.
> Can we consolidate those into one paragraph, or is there some subtlety that I'm missing? Each time I read through that part of the spec, I found myself trying to figure out what the second paragraph is telling me that the first wasn’t.

The text above the IDL reads more like an introduction, while the text below contains the normative assertions.

To clarify this, I moved the introductory-ish text that contains no normative assertions to the Introduction section, and made the other half of the text talking about the defaults a note that I placed below the normative text introducing the concept:

Please let us know if this addresses your concern, or whether we should revert back to the previous. To ease the review, here are the updated sections:

> Also, with this latest edit, I think we can also s/the implementation is unable to report the remaining charging time while the battery is charging but not full/the implementation is unable to report the remaining charging time/ in the description of the chargingTime. That extra phrase ("while the battery is charging but not full") was added to address my previous feedback, but I think we don't need it anymore. Mounir, WDYT?

Dropped "while the battery is charging but not full”:

Mounir - feel free to revert or make further clarification as needed.



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