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RE: Question about HTML Media Capture specification

From: Josh Soref <jsoref@rim.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 12:23:07 -0400
To: Kyle Huey <me@kylehuey.com>, Vivek Khurana <hiddenharmony@gmail.com>
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> A more complicated button plus a description to make Vivek happy:
>  [ 📷 Take Picture    |v]

Alternatively, and probably closer to how things will be implemented in mobile environments, it could be as simple as:

[ 📷 | 📂 ], where 📂 triggers a File Picker [1].

The []s mean "This is a button", the | means "This button has multiple parts which can depress independently to trigger distinct but related actions". If you're unfamiliar with such widgets, pull up something like Microsoft Office and look at its toolbars (e.g. "Decrease Indent" and "Increase Indent" buttons). They're very common widgets. Even the <Back> and <Forward> buttons in modern browsers aren't separate buttons, i.e. if you drew them with ASCII art, you wouldn't do: [<] [>], you'd do: [<|>].

[1] http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/1f4c2/index.htm

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