RE: Question about HTML Media Capture specification

Kyle wrote:
> This is not what Josh is proposing ....


I should probably have included a pipe between my icon and the browse text.

A more complicated button plus a description to make Vivek happy:
 [ 📷 Take Picture    |v]
  Use front Camera   |
  Use mini Camera    | 
  Use phone Camera   | 
  Select from Gallery|
     Browse...       |

Where clicking on the 'v' would show a menu listing Browse... and other things. The exact text should be discussed with Linguists and UI designers, and is merely to show that there are other possibilities instead of having an intermediate dialog.

I was thinking more along the lines of things like the combined Back/Forward buttons in combination with Microsoft's option of showing only some text.

Microsoft does have some controls which do things like that, but the only ones I can find are tall as opposed to wide, e.g. a "Macros" button in Word where the icon does one thing and clicking the text opens a menu.

Note that the bottom line here is that these are all implementation details. QoI is how vendors compete on feature for their audience/market. -- wrt markets, I recently found 1 person who was able to understand a UI which I had considered incredibly stupid and which no one else I had met understood. It turned out that for a certain market, the UI elements made sense (well, mostly, even she didn't approve / understand / accept some of them).

> Vivek wrote:
>> To allow launching different interfaces from file input type, we
>> should allow changing the value of the 'Browse' text. This way
>> developer can call the camera capture or audio recorder file input
>> button to 'Record' or anything which corresponds to the interface
>> being triggered.

This has internationalization issues, just because a web site designer speaks Finnish or Russian doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to see buttons in English when using an English based browser.

Kyle wrote:
> A whitelisted set of strings shipped with the UA might be ok,
> but this is very much an implementation detail.

Note that the text varies from browser to browser,...

and by language:

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