RE: ISSUE-67: Naming of "device"

api, ext, service, device

Alternate suggestion - 'system'. A system can be considered something
that the underlying system/runtime provides you (whether it be a local
or remote service/device). Hope this is entertaining enough!:-)


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Subject: ISSUE-67: Naming of "device"

Hi all,

I am loth to open a naming debate, so as agreed on the call yesterday
let's make it swift. I initially planned on doing this on a Friday, but
I won't be around tomorrow so today's the new Friday.

We've resolved to use the navigator.device.<module>.<method> form
yesterday (for APIs where it makes sense, naturally). It's been
suggested that "device" isn't such a great name, and alternatives have
been proposed.

The following alternative (including keeping things as they are) have
been proposed:


Since this is essentially a bike-shed decision, I've decided to use a
variant of the Survivor decision process. The normal Survivor process is
synchronous and therefore won't work well here. The variant is this:
please vote with the list of options above ordered from the one you
*hate most* (and therefore want to see voted off the island) to the one
you hate least. The winner will be selected using a commonsensical
ordering and tequila. Voting closes when I get to work Monday morning;
since this is a vote (albeit informal) we don't need to know what the
reasoning behind your preference is (though you may include it, if it's
entertaining enough).

My vote: api, ext, device, service.

Robin Berjon
  robineko - hired gun, higher standards

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