Re: Bluetooth / NFC APIs

On 26/02/2010 17:07, Nilsson, Claes1 wrote:

> When reading your editor's draft again one question popped up. The
> high and lowThreshold attributes are included in the general
> "Options" interface. In the example in the beginning of section 4.8,
> how do you define which sensor attribute, value or normalizedValue
> the "maxThreshold: 0.9" attribute refers to?

I was thinking that maxThreshold would apply to the sensor's value (the 
"value" attribute), but it's not explicit in the draft.

In fact I should make it explicit what the thresholds apply to, for each 
property. Something like: for "CPU" they apply to "value".

If you think that's ok, I'll update the draft for each property.


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