Re: New FileWriter proposal

On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 4:07 AM, Robin Berjon <> wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> thanks for picking up the ball on this! A few notes:
> On Jan 29, 2010, at 22:17 , Eric Uhrhane wrote:
>> I've just put it together here in plaintext form for now,
>> but if people like the general gist of it, I'll put up an
>> official-looking draft of it on and start rolling in feedback
>> there.
> Are you volunteering to be an editor for this specification? If so, that'd be great. We should chat offline about some small administrativia details.

Yes; I've just responded off-list for details.

>> You can get a FileWriter through an HTML input element via user
>> interaction; it's a "Save As" just like the current "Load" <input type=file>
>> element.
> Can you detail how you see this happening? Is it <input type=save>, <input type=file writable>, <input type=file>.files[42].save(), something else?

I think <input type=save> works pretty well, although I've no really
strong preference between that and <input type=file writable>.
I'm not sure there's an immediate use case for selecting multiple
files in a single save operation.

>> We may want a bunch of ways to add data to a BlobBuilder, but this satisfies the
>> immediate use case of writing text to a file.
> I really wish we could make progress on writing binary :)

This will write binary blobs; you just have to define some way of
getting the data into the blobs.  Where is this binary data coming
from--JavaScript code, WebGL datatypes, other files fetched locally,
XHRs?  The latter two should be taken care of with the latest
FileReader and XHR specs, and it shouldn't be hard to add methods to
BlobBuilder to take in other types [or add .toBlob() to the other
types themselves].

> Otherwise, I like the rest, thanks again!


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