[calendar] Draft updated


I've made a number of updates to the Calendar API. We received a lot of
feedback on the first draft. For any outstanding items I will try to
catch up on the mailing list or please feel free to bump your emails if
I miss something.

Updates to the current Calendar API draft [1]:

- Simply put, DOMTimeStamp has failed us. WebIDL's DOMTimeStamp object
is too under-defined and restricted for our purposes. At the other end
of the spectrum, ISO8601 is too flexible (has too many features, allows
comments, multiple formats, etc). Therefore the spec has been rebuilt
around the Date and Time definitions provided in HTML5 [2] to allow for
local and global times and to include lossless timezone information.

- CalendarRepeatRule has been updated to include exceptionDates and
interval attributes.

- CalendarProperties.freebusy has been renamed to
CalendarProperties.transparency and now has the following definitions
'transparent', 'opaque'. Free/Busy can be inferred from a combination of
CalendarProperties.transparency and CalendarProperties.status as
suggested by Andrew McMillan.

- CalendarOptions has been renamed to CalendarFindOptions.

- UUID has been removed as a recommendation for the CalendarEvent.id
attribute. The only requirement is that the id attribute be globally

Hopefully that captures a small part of the feedback from last week!



[1] http://dev.w3.org/2009/dap/calendar/


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