Straw-poll: hanging the device API

Hi all,

it seems that we're now going around in circles with this discussion,  
with some cookie-cutter arguments being made and few people being  
convinced either way. I'd like to whittle down the options and call  
for a straw-poll to get a feel of who stands where (and also hopefully  
to simplify the discussion).

This is open to everyone, there is no closing date but please answer  

Option A: window.navigator.device
   - because we shouldn't pollute the global namespace anymore than it  
already is
   - because there are some precedents in putting device-related APIs  
on navigator

Option B: window.device
   - because it's shorter and more elegant
   - because WebApps created window.widget so we can go there too.

Answers on a postcard, "A" or "B" suffice, short justifications welcome.

Robin Berjon
   robineko  setting new standards

Received on Wednesday, 7 October 2009 13:30:48 UTC