Re: [sysinfo] draft ready for review

Hi Claes,

On 18/12/2009 15:31, Nilsson, Claes1 wrote:
> Hi Max,
> I appreciate your work on this specification. Took a quick look at the draft and I have some immediate comments:
> 3.2: Same comment as Robin had for "Contacts". We can only have normative statements for User Agents so normative statements for "recipients of system information" are out of scope. I suggest that you make this section informative.


> 4.8: The internal temperature can be expressed in degrees Celcius but the Ambient Temperature is expressed as value between 0 and 1. Which is the motivation for this?

That was a mistake. Now corrected: ambient temperature is indeed in degrees.

> 4.9 and 5: Is the intention that the "PropertyTemplate" is to be used for extensions, i.e. vendor-specific properties? If so I suggest that the text in section 4.9 is placed within section 5 and that it is stated that the property template is informative.

I must have left templates (which were there purely for editorial 
convenience) lying around in a previous version of the draft, but I 
thought I'd removed them. Can you still see them?

> I will come when I have reviewed the draft more thoroughly.

Glad you like it!


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