RE: [Calendar API] Draft Use Cases and Requirements

Hi Suresh,

Thanks for providing these to the list for general discussion.

On Wed, 16 Dec 2009, Suresh Chitturi wrote:
> 2) The Calendar API MUST support CRUD operations on individual
Calendar entries (e.g. create, add, delete, update)

We are planning to create a simple initial proposal to support calendar
'events' only. This is on the premise that it will be easier to add
additional types of calendar information as and when required/useful and
when we have locked down how an events-only based Calendar API works in
the first instance.

> 6) The Calendar API MUST provide the ability to add attendees to a
Calendar appointment.

This suggests, I think, some cross-API dependency with the Contacts API.
Just wondering how we could handle that. If I implement the Calendar API
is it mandatory to also implement the Contacts API?

In this instance I think it does make sense considering Calendar and
Contacts fall under the general PIM grouping.

I'm sure cross-module dependency, currently tracked as [ISSUE-25], will
be a question for other APIs that rely on e.g. the filesystem API going
forward so some direction on this issue for Calendar/Contacts intially
could be good.



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