RE: UI for enabling webcam use from untrusted content

> > >
> > > I think once we've given a site access to the bits coming from the
> > > camera, we've got no way of knowing what the site is doing with the
> > > data, so we have to treat them as equivalent.
> >
> > Well, if there were a way for a script to be prohibited from
> > communicating with anything (remote servers, other processes on the
> > system, etc.), then you could safely give it access to the camera.
> > This could be a useful security property it some cases, but probably
> > isn't worth pursuing for the moment.  This relates to the
> > (un-Googlably-named) "*-Property":
> >
> >
> You'd also have to block access to the local storage and cookie stores,
> and workers, and block access to other frames and windows, and prevent
> new
> CSS rules from being added, and prevent the user from clicking any
> links
> in the page. I'm not sure it'd be particularly useful.

Currently there are cross origin restrictions on access to video streams (In Firefox at least - but I assume it is specified like that).

I think the specification for the video viewfinder for the camera will need to relax these restrictions (otherwise it will be impossible to do Javascript video processing on the stream).


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