Re: UI for enabling webcam use from untrusted content

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 8:49 AM, Anssi Kostiainen <> wrote:

> To make this more concrete (also works with #2 and #3) the UA could -- once
> the box is popped up -- show a live viewfinder preview in the box beside the
> device icon once the user hovers on top of it. The preview image should
> indicate that the device is not yet "recording" e.g. by graying out the
> image. This would enable the user to see the actual camera output prior to
> accepting the capture request which should make the potential action more
> concrete. Additionally, in a multi-cam scenario (e.g. many mobile devices
> have multiple cams already today) this would help the user to pick the right
> cam based on visual observation only (thus no need to know the actual name
> of a particular camera such as primary, secondary etc.).

Interesting idea.  More generally, when selecting a capability, the UI
should show some preview of it.  For cameras, that would be the current live

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