Progress report on Messaging (action-65)

There have been some unfortunate delays in the creation of the Messaging

While we will upload the API as soon as the worst rough edges have been
removed, here are some initial notes. 

We have used the BONDI messaging API as starting point of the design,
hanging messaging type specific methods (createSMS, sendSMS etc) on
navigator.device.messaging. Currently the functionality for SMS is in
the document while we are busily adding MMS and email. 

Wrt security we are aiming for a "approve on send" for the sending ops,
while inclusion of contact info handled according to Contacts and
message attachements and folder managment depending on similar file
system APIs.

Roadmap-wise we hope to get first release late December.

Best Regards,
Niklas Widell
Ericsson AB

Received on Wednesday, 9 December 2009 11:45:58 UTC