RE: <input type=photo> etc as Capture API

I agree. The markup-based approach is certainly valuable as well. What I think we need from DAP though is a Javascript-callable function, which is a programmatic approach. 

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API definitions are not incompatible with mark-up abstractions that allow to achieve the same functionality. 

In HTML you have mark-up and you can achieve the same functionality using the DOM. Depending on the dynamicity of your app you use one or the other

I think DAP is chaired to define APIs and the HTML5 group to define mark-up abstractions ... 

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Re the proposal to use something along the lines of <input type=photo>
to invoke a capture function, that is not an API, but a "user input
selection method". An API is a method via which an application invokes a
function. There should be no inherent reason that the user must be
involved in the invocation of that function (or that there is even a
user present). There may be security-related UI considerations that mean
that <input type=photo> is a usable approach to getting input to the
application, or other security-related UI functions invoked by the web
runtime e.g. per a policy framework, but those should not be the only or
mandated approaches.

We need the ability of applications to be able to interact with device
functions without explicit use-by-use involvement of the user. Mandating
user explicit user control of each API invocation will result in a
unusable user experience, and completely misses the point of defining an

The BONDI Camera API provides a good model for how this should work. If
W3C chooses to define only something along the lines of a <input
type=photo> method, then I believe the market will quickly speak to the
sufficiency of that approach, and other API designs such as the BONDI
Camera API will be more successful.

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Bryan Sullivan | AT&T

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