Re: First stab at the Capture API (aka Camera API)

Le mardi 01 décembre 2009 à 19:50 -0800, Tran, Dzung D a écrit :
> It is checked in to CVS as stated below. There is some formatting
> problems, which I am strap for time to figure out right now. 

I have fixed the formatting problems, and am fixing bugs and adding
clarifications as I find them.

Thanks for a great start!

I think the document is quite close to a FPWD, as Robin mentioned; to
facilitate the discussion on that point (i.e. to evaluate if we cover as
much as the final scope as we want), here is a list of the requirements
*it does NOT fullfill* to do at this point:
      * must enable listing the available cameras 
      * must enable listing the available audio input devices
      * must enable listing the available formats and codecs, *per
        capture device*
      * must enable choosing preferred aspects of the captured content
        (e.g. width, height, format, frame rate)
      * should enable control of the camera's capabilities (e.g. zoom,
        luminosity, night mode, focus mode)
      * should enable setting of brightness, contrast, gain
      * should enable displaying a viewfinder as part of the document
        (e.g. as a video element [HTML5]) 
      * should enable setting microphone audio level


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