Re: [compute-pressure] Focus control in privacy test steps (#185)

Let focusedDocument be the topLevelBC's [currently focused area]('s [node document](

// calls this algo:

The currently focused area of a top-level traversable traversable is the [focusable area]( returned by this algorithm:

If traversable does not have [system focus](, then return null.

Let candidate be traversable's [active document](

While candidate's [focused area]( is a [navigable container]( with a non-null [content navigable]( set candidate to the [active document]( of that [navigable container]('s [content navigable](

// navigable container == main frame and iframes (and maybe portals in the future) so it iterates to the inner most focused frame

If candidate's [focused area]( is non-null, set candidate to candidate's [focused area](

Return candidate.

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